At the moment we are working on our fourth album which is set to be released in April 2023.

Impressionistic and dissonant. Melodic and dynamic. Expressive and playful. Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet let different components reflect and shine through each other to create music that touches you and at the same time makes you want to move along. Sometimes there are lyrics to the songs: sometimes the music speaks for itself. The soprano saxophone and the piano unites in strong and powerful melodies that push the music forward or rest calmly on top of the double bass and drums. The result is something completely new and unique, delivered with love and great devotion towards the music.

"Her adriot piano complements emotionally engaging lyrics of love and loss, spiritual musing and poetic reflection. While influences og Monk, Meldau and Joni Mitchell are evident, buth vocally and instrumental Gunnarsson has her own way - as vibrant as it is considered - of intergrating freshly theme and elaboration."

Micheal Tucker - Jazz Journal

"Searching and longing, dreams and dissonances are dominant themes. Both Gunnarsson and Almgren 's piano and soprano saxophone contributes to the lyrical mood that dominates the album."

Sven Bjerstedt - Ystads Allehanda

All music and lyrics are written by the pianist and singer Fanny Gunnarsson. The EP Share Your Past, released 2019, is Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet’s third album. It contains four original written compositions of modern, innovative and creative jazz with pop elements. The songs has been composed in various places, some of them while Fanny lived in Paris a shorter period. It is inspired by the moods and memories that can be evoked by certain smells or scents or how the light fall in a certain way. In this case, the songs becomes the capsules that help to develop the memories over and over again.

"Both as a pianist and singer she cultivates above all a thoughtful, lyrical style, but there are also instrumental pieces with flick and speed. The quartet interact sensitively and keep up with many shades and moods of each track."

Alexander Agrell - Sydsvenska Dagbladet

Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet released their second album Mirrors on Havtorn Records in February 2017 with a following release tour. The album was chosen as the best Jazz Vocal Album of 2017 by the Swedish music journal LIRA. In spring 2014 the group released their debut album ”Same Eyes As You” on the record label Volenza with the Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren as producer. The record got great reviews and led the quartet to bigger venues such as Fasching and Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival.

"Melodic but with interrupted melodies . Rhythmically, but still. Gently conveyed moods. Fanny Gunnarsson invites her quartet - and the audience - on a journey that has just begun but can be very long."

Bengt Eriksson - Lira