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Impressionistic and dissonant. Melodic and dynamic. Expressive and playful. Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet let the different components reflect and shine through each other to create music that touches you and at the same time makes you want to move along. Sometimes there are lyrics to sing, sometimes the music speaks for itself. The soprano saxophone and the piano unite in strong and powerful melodies that push the music forward, or rest calmly on top of the double bass and drums. The result is something completely new and unique, delivered with love and great devotion towards the music.

" This is new, innovative and creative jazz of a high class that in its own way continues to walk in a rich tradition." 

Sune Johannesson - Kristianstadsbladet

Music and lyrics are written by the pianist and singer Fanny Gunnarsson. The quartet released their fourth album Night of Stars 14 April 2023 on Havtorn Records, with following release concerts in Sweden. Fanny Gunnarsson's powerful vocals and emotive piano playing are the driving force behind the album, bringing the lyrics to life and inviting listeners to connect with the deeply personal and vulnerable themes of the songs. Whether it's the winding and plucking piano loop of "Linger" or the melancholic "Hours," Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet weaves a common thread throughout the album, creating a cohesive and mesmerizing listening experience.

Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet started off in 2013 and has before Night of Stars released the EP Share Your Past in 2019. Their second album Mirrors on Havtorn Records in February 2017 was chosen as the best Jazz Vocal Album of 2017 by the Swedish music journal LIRA. Including the debut album Same Eyes as You, produced by the Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren, the quartet have received critical acclaim and solidified their place as one of the most exciting groups in the jazz community.

"The music is basically lyrical, beautiful and a little melancholic.

Fanny Gunnarsson's honey-smooth voice and flexible piano playing form a perfect symbiosis with Karolina Almgren's soprano sax, who likes to play in unison with the vocal melody or add parts to it."

Alexander Agrell – Sydsvenskan


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